I am not sure which part of my story should I start with. By profession I am a Telecommunication Engineer. I completed my bachelor in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Later I earned an MBA too.

But I should focus on the hobbyist part of me more in this blog. It started with two Red Ear Slider turtles! One lazy evening I was walking through a pet mart and found these cuties in a box. They were dirt cheap and the shop owner sold them to me with a glass bowl (don’t judge me yet, I was completely ignorant about pet turtles). After bringing them home I started reading about their requirements and found they actually need a large tank with a dedicated basking place! Whoa!! The cost just started. Eventually I made a custom tank with basking spot, bought UVB lights for them, got a canister filter to fight with their poops and many other things!

my turtle tank
The Turtle Tank Setup I started With

While doing my research I found two new things in the aquarium hobby about which I had no idea. First is the planted tank (specially the IAPLC photos got me awestruck) and another is a reef tank.

I walked through the path of aquascaping for a while but my ultimate goal was to create a reef tank. Among all the aquatic hobbies, reefing is the most costly one (and the hardest I must say).

The starting of my salty journey was not easy. I was in the freshwater hobby for quite a long time. Planted tanks are amazing – you must admit.

IAPLC grand price winner
An aquascape that won the first place in 2017 IAPLC contest

But the actinic blue over a coral reef is something I cherished. Gathering information and knowledge was the most difficult part and it is still the integral part of my journey. Searching any topic will land you to a vast sea of information but they are scattered.

A reef tank
A dream reef tank

In this site I want to share my experience to make your journey a little bit easier. You can contact me over the social media –