Although I am a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering with an MBA, my hobby and passion lies in the world of aquariums.

My journey began with the simple purchase of two Red Ear Slider turtles at a pet store. Little did I know, this seemingly small purchase would lead me down the path of discovering the vast and intricate world of the aquarium hobby.


Starting off with a small glass bowl, I quickly learned the importance of providing my turtles with a large tank and dedicated basking spot. From there, my understanding and appreciation for the hobby grew, leading me to discover the beauty and complexity of planted tanks and, ultimately, the allure of reef tanks.

I delved into the world of aquascaping for a time, but my ultimate goal was to create a stunning and thriving reef tank. I soon discovered that among all aquatic hobbies, reefing is not only the most costly, but also the most challenging.

my turtle tank
The Turtle Tank Setup I started With

The start of my journey into the saltwater world was not easy. For quite some time, I had been involved in the freshwater hobby. However, the mesmerizing actinic blue over a coral reef captivated me, and I was determined to make it a reality.

Gathering knowledge and understanding the intricacies of reef tanks was, and still is, a continuous journey. The abundance of information available online can often be overwhelming and scattered, making it difficult to navigate.

IAPLC grand price winner
An aquascape that won the first place in 2017 IAPLC contest.

With this site, I aim to share my experience and make your journey into the reef tank hobby a little bit easier. My goal is to provide valuable information, resources and to make it accessible for hobbyists of all levels.

A reef tank
A dream reef tank

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