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Reel vs. Real: The Science Behind ‘Finding Nemo’

“Finding Nemo,” Pixar’s underwater odyssey, tantalizes viewers with its technicolor depiction of the ocean and its residents. But how often does the film’s whimsical narrative swim away from the tide of scientific truth? Clownfish, the movie’s leading species, possess intricate behaviors and cognitions, many of which Pixar playfully reimagines. Does the real-world Nemo have a…

How to Switch a Tank From Freshwater to Saltwater

How to Switch a Tank From Freshwater to Saltwater: A Concise Guide

Many aquarium enthusiasts eventually find themselves wanting to explore the beauty and diversity of saltwater marine life. Freshwater aquariums are simpler, less expensive, and easier to care for, but as your experience grows, the stunning colors and unique appeal of a saltwater aquarium can become increasingly attractive. Converting a freshwater tank to a saltwater tank…

Dry Rock vs Live Rock

Dry Rock vs Live Rock: Which Suits Your Saltwater Aquarium?

Dry rock and live rock serve as the structural bedrock for marine aquariums, shaping their aesthetic appeal, biological processes, and overall ecosystem. According to a research article in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, these rock types, despite their stark differences, are equally capable of supporting vibrant marine life. Dry rock, as its name…

Do Clownfish Eat Their Own Eggs

Do Clownfish Eat Their Own Eggs?

Clownfish are colorful and fascinating marine creatures that often raise questions regarding their behavior and life cycle. One such question revolves around whether or not clownfish eat their own eggs. Understanding the reasoning behind this behavior is essential for both saltwater aquarium enthusiasts and those interested in marine life in general. Male clownfish are in…

Differences Between Soft, LPS, And SPS Corals
Coral Care

Differences Between Soft, LPS, And SPS Corals

Coral reefs, a testament to nature’s complexity and biodiversity, are composed of thousands of unique species, among which corals play a pivotal role. There are 3 types to categorize corals broadly: SPS corals, LPS corals, and Soft corals. Needless to say that they have their similarities and dissimilarities. Learning about their differences is imperative to…

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