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a display grade frag tank
Coral Care

What Is A Frag Tank? [Almost Everything You Need To Know]

Researchers are claiming that the world could lose 99% of its natural coral reefs by 2030. Many have put 2050 down as the year when corals will become extinct. However, frag tanks are one of the notable preservation efforts that could stop corals from disappearing forever. Frag tanks are dedicated tanks for growing cut or…

How To Frag Zoas
Coral Care

How To Frag Zoas? [Complete Guide For Beginners]

Like many other corals, zoas have been a thing of fascination for many reefers. They are a bright, colorful, and aesthetic addition to any reef tank. And if you are a professional aquarist, you wouldn’t mind making extra money by fragging and selling zoas. However, not all professionals know how to frag zoas correctly. To…

Light Spectrum For Anemones
Coral Care

Best Light Spectrum For Anemones: [Beginner’s Guide]

One perk of having corals and sea anemones together is their requirement for similar lighting. They both host algae called zooxanthellae in their cells to provide them with energy for nitrogen and carbon. That is why you need to arrange powerful lighting to enable them to support their algae friends. The best light spectrum for…

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