Clownfish are a bit aggressive and try to bite sometimes. Do clownfish have teeth that may lead to any injury?

Clownfish have teeth with a very strong jaw that makes them more aggressive.

Clownfish is a popular fish for beginners as it doesn’t require a large aquarium. They are very easy to maintain and survives for 6-10 years. You will be able to keep them without much effort. They eat fresh and frozen foods so it won’t be a mess to keep them in the aquarium.

The only fact that might make you concerned is their aggressiveness. They are quite popular for this nature. You will face this nature when you will try to clean the tank with your hand inside. They will surely try to attack your hand. Clownfish don’t like outsiders in their tank. Whether it’s a fish or a human hand they will try to attack with a bite.

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Can Clownfish Bite?

Yes, clownfish can bite. They attack the hand most often as you will use your hands for cleaning purposes. To protect your hands from the bite, you may use gloves while cleaning. They don’t like anything inside their tank even if you’re trying to feed them.

Though the teeth are not that sharp, the bite from an aggressive clownfish may cause you pain. Sometimes the bite gets so deep that it may draw a bit of blood. They use their teeth as a way of communication as well that was discovered by scientists most recently.

Do Clownfish Have Teeth

Do Clownfish Bite Hurt?

It hurts sometimes. Some species are too dangerous and bite with more aggression. If you are concerned about the bite you may choose the Ocellaris one. They are less aggressive than any other species. The aggression level of this species increases with time but it is still less than the other species of clownfish.

However, if you feel pain, the pain won’t stay for a long time. Their teeth are like sandpaper and the pain or the mark won’t last long.

How Do Clownfish Attack?

Maroon Clownfish
Maroon Clownfish

Clownfish are very serious about their territory. They try to attack any object that enters their tank. They try to fight with the fish inside the tank. When it’s about a human hand, they try to bite the hand.

Maroons, Saddlebacks, and tomato clowns – these are the most aggressive while attacking.

Do Clown Fish Kill Other Fish?

Clownfish may kill or attack other fish on the tank. You should select clownfish tank mates very carefully. It’s preferred to keep only two clownfish in a tank. If you want to keep multiple clownfish in a single tank then you should release them in the tank at a younger stage.

Are Clownfish Aggressive?

There are different types of species of clownfish and all of them are aggressive. Some of them are less and some are much, but aggressiveness is a nature of clownfish. They don’t like any other species in the same tank they are in.

Clownfish are aggressive to save their small house and their host anemone. They become wild to protect their territory from different clownfish. It’s one kind of lifestyle of the clownfish to either save the territory or die.

Another fact that makes them aggressive is the wrong mates. If you place your clownfish with wrong mates such as more aggressive fishes, then they will adopt nature by going into fights with each other.

Are Clownfish Poisonous

Clownfish love to live near poisonous anemones for certain mutual benefits. Which may lead to think them as poisonous as well. But the truth is clownfish are not poisonous. Rather they develop a special immunity that protects them from the poisonous tentacles of anemones.

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Why Do My Clown Fish Bite Each Other?

Clownfish in community

They will try to attack any other clownfish that doesn’t belong to their area. Clownfish are male-born. The most aggressive clownfish turns into a female at a certain period. That means the male is weaker clownfish.

If they are not together from the beginning they won’t stay together in the same tank. You shouldn’t add another clownfish with an old clownfish in the same tank. They will keep fighting. If they were not aggressive before, this fighting will change their nature and make them more aggressive than before.

Why Does My Clown Fish Attack My Hand?

The fish will attack you if you’re cleaning their territory. They don’t like anything in their area.

You may chase them into their host or anemone with your hand before cleaning.  If a clownfish adopts this habit of attacking then it won’t stop. They will continue doing that every time you enter your hand into the tank.

Final Words

You should not worry about their teeth if you are planning to keep them. They are super cool and fun to keep. Don’t place them with other fish and they will be fine. During feeding or cleaning the tank wear gloves as a protection from the bite. They require very little space and you will surely enjoy them as a pet.

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