We understand a pet mom or dad’s urgency and eagerness to keep their place as close to them as possible. But sometimes, we are driven to establish a ‘no bedroom’ policy for our cats and dogs. Does that rule establish for aquarium pets too?

You can certainly put a fish tank in the bedroom since it is cozier at night and activities are minimal during the day. However, there are drawbacks that come along with the advantages.

If you are willing to set up an aquarium in your bedroom and don’t know how and where to begin, you have landed on the perfect article since I am going to answer all your doubts and concerns here.

Can You Keep Fish Tank In Bedroom

Benefits Of Keeping Fish In The Bedroom

Bedrooms are like a home inside our home. We make everything possible to create the coziest ambiance in your bedroom. When you add your little fish buddies into that cozy room, you also provide that positive ambiance to them and receive similar energy from them. Let’s see the mutual benefits of keeping the tank in the bedroom.

Benefits For The Fishes

When you decide to keep a fish tank in the bedroom, your first concern must be the comfort of your fish. Let’s find out what advantages your fish will receive from such an arrangement.

1. Noise-Free Ambiance

I can’t stress enough how fish gets startled and stressed in cacophonous surrounding. Sudden and loud crashing noises are more detrimental to their health than any physical problem. Bedrooms usually are the quietest place in any house. There is no clanking noise from the kitchen or loud screaming of kids and pets. Fish can relax and vibe.

2. Lesser Movement

Too much activity around the tank will stress the fish out so much that it will feel threatened and uncomfortable. Running, tripping, hitting the walls, etc., is not a suitable environment for aquarium fish. They prefer a quiet place free from sudden movement and activities. The bedroom is ideal for them, considering the physical movements will be minimal.

3. No Excessive Light

We always select our bedroom to be on the best side of the house. Where there will be enough light but not too much light, and that is quick and ideal for the fish in the aquarium as well. If you place the tank on the other side of the window where direct sunlight can’t penetrate the tank, they will receive enough vitamins without risking excessive algae growth. 

4. No Tripping Hazard

If your tank is smaller in size or vulnerable in position, the bedroom is an ideal place. Since the aquarium is made of fiberglass, it is always at risk of falling and cracking. Since the bedroom is usually free from young kids and pets, your tanks will be safe and sound in your bedroom. Even so, you should never be callous around the tank since it can be fatal for you and your aquarium.

Keeping Fish Tank In Bedroom Benefits For The Fishes

Benefits For The Owner

You must be wondering what you are getting from such an arrangement. As I told you before, in this mutual arrangement, you can receive benefits too. Let’s explore your benefits as well.

1. Closer To The Nature

We are always on screens making our eyesight poorer and poorer. And our busy schedule hardly allows us to go into the wild and explore. So, why not bring nature home? The presence of wildlife creatures, the greenery from plants and algae, rocks, stones, and still, clear water- everything will create a balanced life of urban and wild.

2. Scenic beauty In The Bedroom

Imagine how top-notch your bedroom interior will look with your new aquarium setup in the bedroom! The hint of wildlife, greenery, and water will bring nature closer to you, making your bedroom unique and exquisite. It will soothe your eyes and your heart with such a piece of natural art in your bedroom.

3. Stress Reliever

Urban life stresses us out, and you can’t deny this truth. But you can’t run away from such a life. But you can bring peace in such chaos to create balance. Your little fish buddies can never fail to elevate you from your bad times. So, why not bring your eternal stress relievers close to you and give a piece of your home?

Keeping Fish Tank In Bedroom Benefits For The Owner

Drawbacks That May Come Along

Let’s get real! You knew this could not be so simple, right? Of course, some drawbacks and disadvantages will pursue with your decision to move the tank in your bedroom. The good news is there are solutions to overcome most of such drawbacks. But let us see the drawbacks first.

1. Filtration Sound May Be Too Loud

A filtration device is the most crucial and non-negotiable part of the tank. It will keep the ammonia and nitrate level in check keeping the water clear and safe for the fish. But filtration sound can be noisy and loud and ruin the peaceful ambiance of your bedroom. Also, you do not really have a choice to turn the filtration off.

2. The Odor Could Be Unbearable

A fish tank is a living organism and on the move of production cycling. In a tank, fishes, plants, chemicals, and other substances grow and enrich. Not everything is pleasant and vibrant. Bio-waste, rotten foods, and by-products are continuously created in the tank and with that pungent and revolting smell comes into being, which will ruin your peaceful bedroom ambiance.

3. Humidity Levels Will Rise

We can’t see it, but the water system inside the tank is always going through chemical reactions and biological changes, which leads to humidity increases in the air. A room requires only a 30-50 humidity level for a cozy sleep and healthy inhalation. The presence of water in the room will certainly increase that level causing it hard to breathe and sleep.

4. Safety Concern

A tank is always at risk of breaking and cracking, no matter how hard the glass is made of. A bedroom is a comparatively safe place, but the safety concern can never be eliminated. If any breakage happens, it not only kills your fish and floods your floor, but it will also ruin every item in your bedroom.

Keeping Fish Tank In Bedroom Drawbacks

How To Overcome The Drawbacks?

Don’t get dismayed and overwhelmed by the drawbacks and cons. There are ways to overcome those issues without compromising the integrity of your tank and your bedroom. You can build an amazing fish tank in your bedroom following these solutions for the drawbacks.

Invest In Silent Filter

Like plenty of fish on the ocean, there are plenty of filtration options for your tank as well. You can get effective filters that are silent or at least don’t make such fussing noise that normal filters do. Now you can keep your little buddies closer without sacrificing your good night’s sleep. You can easily find such filters on Amazon or in local stores.

Put A Lid On

The humidity level is a big concern for your bedroom. Not only will it make your living uncomfortable, but excessive moisture will also decay your furniture and fabrics. There is an easy solution for that too. Just put a lid on your tank so that moisture can’t evaporate and evade from the tank.

Get Digital Lights

Aquarium lights are the most integral part of the photosynthesis process. But such lights can be appalling for your bedroom, especially while you sleep. If you add LED lights, you can control the lights, dim them, or choose the color. Also, if the lights have a timer option, you can set them according to your sleep schedule.

Place Them Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can never be good news for your fish and the tank they reside. I am sure you don’t want to deprive yourself of natural sunlight in the morning, and you should not. So, place the tank in such a place that the sunlight can’t penetrate the tank.

Always Put Safety First

If your tank is heavier than 10 gallons and in a bigger size, build a sturdy, suitable stand for the tank. If you put them on random desks and furniture, you are putting the tank and that furniture both at risk. Also, keep the tank on an edge or corner to avoid tripping and falling injuries.

Things To Consider While Keeping Fish Tank In Bed Room

Before you put the fish tank in the bedroom, you should know some basic points for optimal benefits for your tank and you. You must make the room cozy for both you and for your fish as well. So, let’s see what you should remember to make the ambiance suitable for both.

Keeping Fish Tank In Bedroom Things To Consider

Cautions About Air Conditioner 

Temperature plays a big role in the safety and health issues of the fish. In fact, the first lesson for any aquarist is to learn about the temperature setup of the fish tank. But the effectiveness of the suitable temperature of the tank will be nullified if the surrounding temperature fluctuates too much.

The air conditioner, heater, and humidifier should be placed in such a way that they can’t temper the temperature of the tank. Use a thermostat, if possible, for precision control.

Electrical Sockets On Check

You know water and electricity, if they collide, can never make a good thing. So, you should always be extra careful not to mix them together. A bedroom will undoubtedly be full of electronic devices and will come along with tons of electrical cords and sockets. But make sure the electrical lines inside and outside the tank is sturdy enough not to electrocute the fish.

Put The Tank On The Stand

Another common mistake of beginners is to keep the tank or aquarium on the ground. Since the tanks are made of glass, the edges are always sharp. So, it is not unusual to trip and cut yourself. Always keep the tank at eye level, so it is noticeable even from afar. Especially if the tank is round in shape, place them on a sturdy stand.

Keep The Tank On The Other Side Of The TV

The radiation, lights, and noise coming from the Television can never be healthy for the fish. Fish doesn’t possess good immunity to fight back against radiation coming from electronic devices, and it may kill them gradually. Another perk of keeping them on the other side is that the fish can enjoy the programs run on the televisions as well.

Avoid Door

Keep the tank away from the door of your bedroom. You may know about the position of your tank, and be careful. Someone who is unaware of such an arrangement can hit your aquarium accidentally. If the place is closeted and near the door is the only suitable place for your tank, attach slide doors to avoid hazards.

Final Words

A fish tank in a bedroom is certainly a gratifying idea for your pet fish and for you as well. However, do not dilly-dally to take every precaution possible to make the ambiance coziest for your fish and safest for your bedroom.

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